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Different Hot Water Brands We Use


Hot Water System BrandsHot Water Brands

Suburban Hot Water uses many different Hot Water Sytems from many different suppliers, they range from instantanious to tanks, electric and gas. Some of the brands we use are Rinnai, Dux, Vulcan, Aquamax, Everhot, Bosch, Stiebel-Eltron and Edwards. The reason why we use all the brands is so that we can advise the best product for your Hot Water needs, as many people have different uses for hot water. Below we have put links to these suppliers so that you can browse through there products and see how many there are on offer. We will also advise of the best quality hot water system as many suppliers have different grades of manufacturing, including different metal composits etc, All of wich add up to a different life span.

 Rheem Hot WaterRheem Hot Water

Rheem is Australia’s favourite hot water system… and it’s been that way since 1939, when Rheem started making water heaters in Australia. Generations of Australian families have relied on Rheem for water that is steady, hot and strong!

Rheem has the most extensive range of hot water systems available in Australia. Solar, gas or electric storage, continuous flow or heat pump.  Rheem has a range energy efficient water heaters in capacities and sizes just right for every situation.


      AquaMax Hot Water SytemsAqaumax Hot Water Sytems

Designed to keep your whole team in hot water Aquamax offers mains pressure storage options as well as continuous flow solar and heat pump alternatives. AquaMAX energy and water efficient water heaters use the latest technology, backed by five and ten year cylinder warranties.


Dux Hot Water SytemsDux Hot Water Systems

Dux Hot Water is Australia’s largest locally owned hot water manufacturer.

Since 1915, the Dux range has seen continuous research and development, resulting in many breakthroughs in the efficiency, reliability and longevity of hot water systems. Dux is committed to producing high quality products and to the on-going development of new products.

Dux water heaters are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the Southern Highlands, using a Quality Endorsed Company production system. This assures that customers have purchased the highest quality water heater available, one that will provide continuous hot water for all needs – safely, economically, and for many years to come.

Dux is Australian owned … and proud of it. Dux is part of the GWA Group Limited, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.


Vulcan Hot Water Systems Vulcan Hot Water Systems


High quality and performance at a very affordable price. Three very good
reasons why Vulcan is such a popular choice for reliable water heating.

Vulcan is built with the best: Quality materials and proven
technology combine to make Vulcan a great choice for reliable water heating.

Vulcan is tough: The Vulcan storage cylinder is made from
high strength steel able to withstand varying water and heating cycle

Vulcan is adaptable: The balanced flue and durable steel
jackets make Vulcan gas models easy to install and easy to live with. They can
be installed on an approved base against the wall or recessed into a wall

Vulcan’s inside story is just as strong: A ceramic lining is
bonded on the inside of the cylinder providing protection against varying water

Vulcan has backup: If you need a spare part for your Vulcan,
it’s good to know they are readily available across the country and can be
serviced by most plumbers or electricians. The Vulcan Warranty covers the
cylinder for a full 5 years. (A new water heater will be supplied in accordance
with the terms of the warranty if the cylinder fails within 5 years). Every
Vulcan Water heater also comes with a 12 month warranty on parts and labour.


 Rinnai_Hot Water SystemsRinnai Hot Water Systems

Following Rinnai’s international origins dating back more than 80 years, Rinnai Australia was established in 1971 and since then has been providing Australians with the best solutions to their gas appliance needs. Rinnai Australia has the world’s most advanced heating systems and, as always, our pursuit is to provide you with the most energy efficient, advanced products for your needs.

Our Vision

We will be market leaders in the provision of innovative products and services within synergistic business arenas, to meet a growing global demand for value based products, environmental sustainability and renewable energy efficiency.

Our Mission

We will strive towards our Vision and achievement of strategic goals through a focus on our customers needs, strategic business diversification, product development and differentiation. We will do this with integrity, care for our employees and community, environmental responsibility and by aligning our business processes to deliver what we promise, brand leadership, customer first and profitable growth.

Our Values

  • Customer First
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Excellence and Innovation
  • Trust and Encouragement
  • Involvement and Inclusiveness
  • Integrity


Hot Water System Brands Brief

As you can see we deal with the best offering the best to you. We will never force a brand onto you but will always suggest the best for your purpose

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